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Posted on 26 July, 2016 at 10:55

We’re 100 shows in now, well technically more because of our “bonus shows” we’ve thrown into the mix, and I have yet to write one blog post. This has been the subject of many hate filled and angry emails from one of the co-hosts of this show. Now this is not because I don’t have ideas for blog posts but rather I don’t have good ideas for blog posts. Despite this astounding lack of good ideas I thought I would give it a try for the release of our 100th episode of The Why Show. So here it goes.


Throughout the last 2 years we’ve tackled countless issues and topics and attempted to discuss them from a different point of view. This point of view is shaped around the 3 pillars of the show, which I’m continuously proud of, and they include: open-mindedness, critical thinking, and intellectual honesty. All 3 of these pillars, when applied to just about any topic, yield reasonable, logical and thought provoking discussion points that lead to greater debate and discussion about that topic. It’s not one way is right and one way is wrong with zero room for movement but rather there’s always more to discuss.


There’s 1 pillar I’m more attracted to than the others and it’s open-mindedness. I understand that not everyone enjoys critical thinking or may be very good at it and that others may not be fluent in exploring intellectual honesty but everyone has the ability to be open-minded. What astounds me is that despite the ability to be open-minded so many people, even those I interact with on a day-to-day basis, are not. It’s not even difficult to be open-minded, in fact I would argue it’s a much easier mindset to take than that of remaining closed-minded. For that reason if there’s just one aspect of the Why Show people could take away, I hope it’s that of being open-minded.


There are of course some more implicit actions to be taken when I suggest people be more open-minded. It’s the listening, contemplation and I suppose a basic understanding of the issue at hand. Yet it’s remarkable how many people I know or even know of that fail to be open-minded again and again. Whether it’s a political, societal, cultural or religious issue there’s just as many culprits. It’s not even a left or right issue, it’s everyone. You know it too. That friend that is so liberal yet is 100% convinced the wage gap exists and there’s no possible reason in the world how it couldn’t. Or maybe it’s that family member that absolutely hates Trudeau without ever being able to slightly articulate why. Or perhaps you know a person that dismisses the notion of a being Libertarian, despite not even understanding one libertarian principle.


It’s reached the point where I simply choose to avoid conversations with people who are not open-minded because the discussion goes nowhere. However, when I think about this I’m torn whether this is the right mindset to take. Shouldn’t I be discussing these issues even more with those who are so entrenched in their respective positions? If I fail to enter those conversations there’s even less of a chance they’ll nudge off their closed-minded position. Now I’m also aware that I’m not immune to personal biases that result in myself acting with a closed mind. Although I’m confident these instances are rare, in fact they probably never, ever, ever happen.


So as we continue to painfully drudge on spewing out show after show I hope we continue to impact and instigate discussions. All I ask is that if there’s one thing you do when rooted in a heated debate, it’s keep your mind open.


Now I hope this suffices as my first formal blog post for the show.


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Reply Brenden D. Whiltmer
17:05 on 28 July, 2016 
This is the worst blog post this show has ever produced, by a wide margin. Jesus. I am unfollowing you in every way. I am currently vomiting.