The Why Show

Subdivision of The Why Network

The Why Show is a podcast founded in 2014 to address an urgent need. The founders noticed an abhorrent surge in recent stupidity, and felt obligated to vanquish it. It is the show that would exist even if no one listened.  Don't believe us?  Stop listening and you'll see.  Please leave comments on our blog and email us at [email protected] so we can chat.

Co-host Brayden Danger Whitlock is a graduate student at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. He does research on membrane proteins. Whitlock is an entrepreneur in the health technology field, and is a proud owner of five lab coats. He tends to get angry with things and write corresponding essays, which occasionally are released through The Why Network (here). According to his Twitter profile, @whitlock_BDW, he is both self-loathing and an egotist, a terminator of spiders, and 76 years old. He likes to give speeches that leave people wanting less, and doesn't understand Facebook.

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Co-host Matt Hodgson is an alumnus of the Alberta School of Business, at the University of Alberta. In a past life he worked in sales for a very, very large company. Matt is now a serial entrepreneur and runs two start-up businsess.  On Twitter, known by the handle @hodgsonmatthew, he makes mediocre political references and boring business jokes.

Kyle is a student of the University of Alberta in the Faculties of Science and Law and a Director of the Public Science Institute.  His research interests include phage therapy and vaccines, and his industrial interests include sustainable materials and modular functional design.


Kyle has also worked in political strategy, disaster management, and small business financing. 

Our special guest, who seems to be on more than he isn't, really does deserve a mention here.  Adam Mildenberger is a medical student and podcasting enthusiast, discusser extraordinaire, and dangerously skillful traveller.  He likes long walks on the beach and listening to not only what you say, but what you mean.  He can be reached via twitter at @death2fungi.  If you reach out to him, he will probably be so delighted that he will stop saving lives for a moment to respond to you. He has been known to, on occasion, have a paper clip through his ear lobe.  No one is quite sure why.